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Tips for creating a professional website

1. Home (hlaman utamaa) Your site must be accessible to a maximum of 8 seconds or can be accessed through the network connection to the Internet of at least 28.8 Kbps connection is slow, this is a possible loss of customers (visitors) that will not wait "comfortable" terlalau long. Finally, our website will not be visited by the "stakeholders."
2. Be sure to include META tags on each page Msinga your website. META tags are codes that allow search engines (search engine like Google) to determine relevant keywords for your site.
3. Choose a background color (background), it is desirable to use a color that does not affect the reading of the text. Color conclusion of the site in an expression of the heart. The color symbolizes the joy of purple or black symbolizes the dark. To do this, select the right color for your website based on the content of these websites.
4. Use the animation, as needed, not too terlalau because it can affect the concentration of the user in reading the information. In addition, the animation also impede access to the pages of your site. A good animation is no guarantee that your website attract the attention of visitors.
5. The home page should exact location of the visitors to know the products offered. For example, if your site is a consulting company, consult discount shown on the homepage. Do not let the existence of the visitors of your site that is not obviously feel the product being offered is unclear.
6. Avoid advertising (banners) on top of your site. Limit the number of flags are displayed, at most two, and only a flag. Increasing the number of flags, the longer the process of access and is very concerned about the concentration of users when they visit your site.
7. For new spelling was wrong and make sure that images and links to interact with both the name, they show online. Failed to write the URL of this page will result in "ERROR". If a site of one or more professional error pages throughout the site.
8. Just fill the site with easy navigation and buttons are clearly at the top, bottom, left or right. If you keep using the keyboard in the form of images in the mind to the possibility of a longer process access. Why? Because the image size is large enough, and we like it. The maximum size of Web page is only 100 KB.
9. If you are forced to use the framework. Use accordingly. In principle, the use of the structure within a site does not impress the professional. Avoid sites that require a "shift" that resulted in kurangnyaman visitors the information they are looking for quickly running away from your site.
10. Calculate the number of clicks required to move from one page to another. If you click too many to be boring for visitors. You can include a convenient navigation system, a logo in each halamanya.
11. if by "Java" on its Web site to use if necessary. Offer a "Java" or "No Java" for visitors, as it can affect any browser kinerha. Avoid displaying pop-ups, visitors will dull.
12. Do not add "Auto Play" sound when someone visits your site. We recommend that you provide, the introduction and (voice) audio or use directly on the homepage.
13. Check your web site with multiple types of browsers because each browser has a different skill.
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