Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

Configuring Web Design

In the virtual world (Internet), we find some terms, website www, Web Pay, and the home page. For the uninitiated, the notion of it must be interpreted. There are parts of our society have a complete address with the suffix, for example, home page or site: or Web site address: others.

In fact, it is legitimate to include a few sentences, because they are essentially the same, including the address of a website that can be visited. To learn the true meaning, below are some reviews some of the terms found on the Internet often.

www (World Wide Web) is a collection of web servers around the world working on data and information can be used together.

The Web is a hypertext system can display the data as text, images, sounds, animations, prey of other multimedia-related, where data between each other and each other. To facilitate the reading of the data requires a web browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera or Mozilla Frifox.

Web Site (Web) is a collection of data and information on a specific topic related. Compared with this site is like a book that contains a specific topic.

 Web Pay (Web pages) is a special page with a particular website. Compared to a special page of the book.

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